Saturday, October 3, 2015


On to the x-rays....This was mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out, after returning to the reception area, that if I wanted, and had the time, I could just go to the x-ray dept. and have the x-rays done.  Since I was already registered as an outpatient with the pain center, I would not have to go home, call to set up an appointment, go thru the 3 hour getting ready process and travel back another day and fill out all the important forms.  So you know this is the 'good'.

Down the hall we went with my little 'bracelet', you have to have a little 'bracelet'.  Within minutes a young man came for me and off we went.  How great was that?

We got to the room with some light covers of hot air balloons on the ceiling, I guess to watch while you lay on the table. Then came the bad.   Yes, I no longer can 'hop up' on the table, that I believe is made of cement, it is a long process of sitting, lifting the bad leg up and then having to have help from the tech, to get the leg that is like a dead, fallen tree trunk lifted to the table, lay down on my side (as directed years ago, by my neurosurgeon) and then roll on my back.  Phew, have accomplished the bad.

On to the ugly, yes, after a few minutes of  'hold your breath, OK breath', we started to have to turn and twist, especially the knee, to the right, a little more, hold it!!!!!!!  Did I mention I live in #8 and turning my back or my legs, to far in any direction, moves me to #10.  Now, you can't cry, so I grit my teeth, and held!!!  I will say, that my tech was very good and fast and I didn't have to 'hold' for very long in any position.  Good job!! 

As I was wheeled back out to leave, I was already a #10 and hubby and I still had to get some groceries before going home.  What we discovered was that if we shop when I am in the throws of #10 we have a lot of pre-prepared dinners and cold cereal for breakfast and our bill is a little less than when I am an #8 and can stand to shop a bit longer to buy the meat and ingredients for home cooked dinners.  Hummm,  a little less money, no prep, throw it in a pan, microwave or oven and poof, time to eat.  I think we made it back to 'the good'.

Dear Diary, tomorrow I will share the results of a few of the x-rays and the MRI that the results prompted my doctor to order.  We are on the way to week 2 of  'The Golden Years' with nothing done to help me walk yet.  But, I still have high hopes.

Be Happy and Healthy    

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