Thursday, October 1, 2015


I just can't believe more than half a year has gone flying by with out a post.  Could be an indication of the most boring life on the planet or that my PhD in procrastination is so advanced, even I can't comprehend my genius.

This will end up being my own diary of the loss of movement especially on the right side, but before I start my journey into the 'Golden Years'.  I want to share a few things I have been doing to keep myself out of trouble.

First, the most fun I have had in a year, of course, would be the visit of Flossie and Mr Wonderful.  We, for the first time since they moved to The Villages, FL, did not get to go visit, Disney Land for the over 60's.  But, God is good, and they, just so happened, to feel the need to make a visit here, to connect with family they have not seen for several years.

We had so much fun and a great domino tournament.  Of course I won with no one even close.  Oh, wait, the one with the highest score isn't the winner, oh rats!!!!!  We visited, ate good food, shopped, laughed and cried when it was time to part!

We needed some plumbing work done and one of the gentlemen, who did the work, saw my sewing machine.  He and friends had been saving Crown Royal bags for years and he was looking for someone, anyone, who would make a quilt for him.  He had been looking for someone for a while and was about to give up.  I said I would give it a try, having never made a quilt before, let him know I couldn't promise it would turn out like a pro.  

Well this turned out to be an, all summer project.  Not that you will ever need to know, but the pretty gold stitching that holds the 3 pieces of fabric together will melt, so it all needed to be cut away, before I could wash and iron the pieces.  Then, cutting each bag into 4x4 squares, as Pinterest advised me, took over 2 weeks of solid cutting and many cutting wheels.  Then came the math.  Yes, I said math!!!!  How to configure the # of squares to get 2 pillows, one valance, and a queen size bed spread.  It couldn't be done with the squares I had, they would have needed to collect for about 3 lifetimes to have enough for that.  After a month of drawings and measuring and purchase of backing/coordinate material, I started sewing and piecing and in the end this is what I ended up with:

He said he was pleased, but I knew each little square that was off a bit and each little stitch that wasn't straight as can be.  Maybe he will never notice :)

As for my craft online club, Creating The Crafty Life, these are a few things I made:

I made, maybe, only one video all summer, just wasn't up to much and will explain, if you follow my 'search for a cure' diary.  

Signing off to start my diary, and hope this finds you all, healthy and happy,

Barb, aka Tilly 

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