Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It has to be close to Summer, for we have scheduled our yearly visit to The Villages.  It has been too long since we spent time with Flossie and Mr Wonderful!  My dear Flossie will be having a knee replacement next month, then we will really be twins.  I do not fly, I prefer to have my feet firmly planted on the ground, but my Flossie loves to fly and Mr Wonderful's post retirement employment was as a steward (is that a male stewardess?)  He loved the fun of going to different cities, he did his research and if there was enough layover time he would visit the special sites.  No grass growes under Mr Wonderful's feet.  I am just wondering what that metal will do to the detectors at the airports??

And, maybe I should explain a post retirement job.  This is a job you always thought would be fun, but couldn't do because you were already employed for 30 years at a job that is not so fun.  Once you retire, you are free to try for the 'fun' job till your body tells you it has had enough ;)  It is now time to do things in your own time, sleep late if you wish, jump into a hobby with both feet, or travel and read all the things you said, 'I want to read that, when I have the time'. 

Now this trip has started to mean the beginning of Summer to me, so it is a double good thing.  Not that I don't enjoy the chill of the Winter, the color of Fall and the bloom of Spring, but as you might have read previously, we downsized to a condo with a pool, and the pool was a dream of mine since childhood.  I did not take much advantage of the pool last summer, for that 'being seen in a swim suit' thing got into my head.  This is not going to stop me this year!! I am going in my swim dress and tent cover up ;)

We will be picking up our son's GPS, this is a device that keeps husband and wife still speaking to each other at the end of their road trip, truly a boon to any marriage ;}

Signing off to start packing, this has to be done in spurts, you know, not to much,  not to little but just enough!

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy,