Sunday, October 4, 2015


I haven't decided if I like this new system of online sharing of tests and x-rays.  Guess we have all wanted to see these things and not have to wait for our doctors to share the info with us at our next appointment.  But, are we really prepared to see the results of these things and really understand what we are seeing?  

Don't we have enough stress in our lives, without seeing results with big Latin based words that we don't understand and that look so ominous?

I got an email letting me know my x-rays were posted and I could go see them.  Well, I am just nosy enough that I can't resist.  I logged in and started reading the results.  Now for the real work, to make my list of all the words I need to look up, just to see what the reports are saying.

Just for the x-rays of my neck, hip, low back and knee, my list consisted of: anterolisthesis, uncovertebral, osteophylic forminal encroachment, psteopenia, scoliosis, identulous, subcortical cyst and last but not least impacted tooth in maxilla posteriorly.  That last one through me for a loop till I remembered the last x-ray for my neck included my opening my mouth as wide as I could and he took, I guess, a picture down my throat???

After looking for all these words and trying to find a description that didn't include more words I didn't understand, I was left with knowing no more than what I had read on the original report.  Which is usually what happens.  

Back to the reason I agreed to see a pain management doctor, for the most part is that I can no longer walk without a walker and at that, on my right side from my waist to below my knee and just my knee on the left, provide me with my #8.  I was pleased that within one day of the x-rays I got a call from the nurse letting me know that there were some problems and that the doctor wanted an MRI study of my back, upper and lower.

Even though this would mean another 3 hours spent to ready myself for another trip to the hospital, it was reassuring that my doctor was right on the ball, not making me wait 3 weeks to give me that information.

The MRI was tolerable, but you are back on a cement like slab and you must close your eyes before they roll you into the tube so you don't know you are in such a tiny space.  They give you a little ball to squeeze if you start to panic, which I was determined not to use and put ear phones on you to listen to the music of your choice to try to block out the nasty loud noise the machine makes.  This was of no use, for the noise is so loud, you can't hear the music anyway, but I wasn't there to be serenaded, so no matter.

The neck took over 20 minutes and every time the little voice would say 'now don't swallow or clear your throat during the next set of banging' you all know what the results of that statement was, all I wanted to do was clear my throat or swallow.

I was offered a little sitting up rest before they started the low back, but I didn't want to prolong the ordeal, so off I went, eyes closed and back into the tube.  This was not as long, but being on the cement slab for now over 30 minutes, my back and right leg were starting to really move from #8 to #9.  

The low back was to be done without dye and then I was pulled back out to have some dye injected into my arm and eyes closed and back into the tube.  Now the #9 had gone to #10 and I was feeling tears starting to drip down my face.  I wanted to know if anyone could see me crying, so I took a chance and peeked with one eye to see if anyone in the booth could see me and low and behold, I could have had my eyes open the whole time, for my head was sticking out the far side of the tube and I didn't need to be afraid of feeling panic stricken.  AND, no one could see my head from the booth, so I freely, let the tears fall till the voice said, we are done, and we are bringing you out.  Yeah!!  Home to an Aleve!!!   

I am also encouraged, that even with my propensity to put things off, I am almost up to date with the happenings, on my quest for relief in 'The Golden Years'.

Dear diary, tomorrow I will tell the silly story of my call after the cervical MRI findings were released.  And, I will be up to date with reporting on my quest.

Wishing you happiness and good health

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