Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas Two Nites Before Christmas

I am in the throws of getting all the food and gifts in order. I make most of the gifts myself, a lot of homemade coffee's and cocoa, candied nuts and cookies and the chocolate coated pretzel sticks. (The grandchildren won't let me get by without those.) And they all get an ornament every year. With the hope that when they have their own tree they will have a start. We have 12 grandchildren, so it does take a little time to make everything.

This year, I also, made them each a throw pillow with a fabric picture on each, that has something special for each of them. We are going to play a game when we take each pillow out.  They will have to guess who's pillow by the picture. I don't think it will be very hard to guess. I have a video of the pillows, but can't put it on till after Christmas, just in case one of them decides to (not all that likely) view one of Gram's videos. But you know Murphy's Law ;)

I have made some origami boxes for each family to add to their goodie box, with a little pocket money, it gets to hard to think of something for each family, espcially since the grandchildren are growing and many of them working or off to collage.  It used to be an easier task, before they started spreading their wings and flying away from home.

I have used the embrodary machine, boy do I love my machine, for the ornaments this year:
And can show you my hubby's pillow (he is just a big kid) which is perfect for a fellow that eats and sleeps, fishing:

I am wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Am fast in the throws of Christmas, having finished the cards and a little note to enclose, all that is left is for hubby to take to the post office.

Have started on the gifts, just started, so I need to get into gear.  Hope the sewing goes fast and the ornaments should take just a few days.  I say that, but there seems to be nothing I start, that doesn't have a glitch.  I am excited to have a project for my new embroidery machine, but this has a BIG learning curve, not only the embroidery itself, but getting the designs, getting them in the computer and getting that to my machine.  You can see where I might get into trouble, Ho Ho Ho

This group of cuties are the birthday crew - 1.  You know when they start to get older, you can't have everyone all the time.   They tend to get lives of their own.  How does that happen??

Who would believe you could eat a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and still have room for birthday cake?

Will keep you abreast of the progress to the real Birthday Party, on the 25th.  Pray for me.

Hope this finds you happy and healthy