Tuesday, July 29, 2014


How do I do it?  How do I think about writing a little each month and I turn around and it has been eons!

It will soon be a year since the Dx of lymphedema.  I have been a very good do-bee, and have done my massage and wear my totally stylish 20/30 knee high compression stockings.  Now not being a Hilton, or Kardashian, my trying to start fashion statement with these crazy sox is just not happening.

But, let me tell you what has been happening. 

The wedding, yes it has come and gone, can you believe??  250 German origami bells, filled with 5 candy almonds wrapped in netting with the wedding wish attached.  A photo board with a large stiffened burlap bow, 25 burlap tags with the table #'s on them and a not so prolific cutting of the white hydrangea bush, that suffered greatly from our super hard winter.  My baby sis did hundreds of cookies with the children's initials done in icing served on silver tray on the side of the wedding cake, which was done by a friend.  An aunt did the bridesmaids necklaces, they were stunning, and another aunt and uncle did all the photos.  Lucy did the #'s on the burlap tags and we did the flowers together with hubby doing a lot of the cutting for us.  Lucy did her designer hangers twisting the wire to form the names of all her bridesmaids.  They were beautiful.

I have a lavalier made from a single drop earing that belonged to my grandmother, hanging on a small gold chain that I wore, both my daughters and my baby sis wore and now my granddaughter wore on our wedding days.  The wedding was a church wedding and the reception was held at a charming winery in our area.  A fun 'old' car was parked next to the vine covered walkway with the trunk open for the gifts to be placed and the day was so beautiful we were able to eat outside with the food set up inside the barn along with a separate room where silly videos were being made of all the guests.

Would I ever say oh, my granddaughter made a fair to midland bride???  Not me, and I have no need to, for our 'MacGillicuddy' (for everyone younger than dirt, MacGillcuddy was the fictional maiden name of 'I Love Lucy' Lucy Ricardo, and has been a pet name for this Gram for years and years, for my little Lucy) was stunning.  That is the best I can come up with, she was stunning.  I have only a few pictures so far and will, as they come in, add more to my blog.  Thought I would get to some pictures now, to give you some rest.

I will, I promise, get to our vacation which came 2 days after the wedding and then to my Mother's 90th birthday a week after our return and then another family wedding this last weekend.  But, breath easy, I will do these in order in the next blog.

May this find you all happy and healthy and enjoying each day
Barb aka Tilly