Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Guess it can't be too bad, for today I only have 2 complaints. One is ME, yep, I need to complain about me.  I have found that prolonged time in discomfort makes me a complainer, makes me crabby, grumpy and just plain hard to live with. 

 Where do I go to not have to live with me.  Poor hubby delights in my retreating to the basement craft/sewing room after morning coffee every day.  But, I have to go where ever I am.  I can't seem to get away from crabby me.  I will think I have me, in control, and something will go wrong, the color paper I need is not the right shade, the seam I just sewed was off kilter and needs to be ripped out and restitched.  I will start mumbling mean words to myself, yep, even 'stupid'.  I would never let the children use that word, but here I am being grumpy with myself and I can't send myself to my room, first, I can't walk all those steps and second, if I did go to my room, I would go with me!!

In my natural self, I love to see sunny skies and everything is always half full.  Now after years of escalating pain #'s I go around just like Joe 'Hapless' Btfspik.  Anyone old enough to remember Li'l Abner comic strip and the fellow with the dark cloud hanging over his head? that's me, Joe.  Must put, working on this, on my to do list.

The second complaint is that silly online posting of your tests and x-rays.  As I stated earlier, I am torn, as to whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  We know the x-rays and the cervical MRI, are posted, correct?  Well the cervical and lumbar MRI were done at the same time, the results of the cervical MRI was posted before the weekend and the call from the doctor's office was already recieved. I even got the mailed information sheet on Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections, promised by the nurse.  What is missing???  

If both MRI's were done at the same time, why do I have one on Thursday and as I checked, thru Monday, I have nothing on the other.  Did one get lost, is one so bad that they are trying to figure how to tell me, did my doctor go on vacation??  Where is it? why isn't it on line? Don't they know this is a worry, a stress?? complain, complain, crabby, crabby!!!!

Wasted, worry, wasted stress, wasted crabbiness, yesterday evening (Monday) the test was posted.  Tomorrow, dear diary, we will note the words I had to look up and maybe even the reason for my turning into Joe 'Hapless' Btfspik.

Wishing good health and happiness....  

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