Monday, October 5, 2015


Yes, when you are really good at something, it is difficult to put it aside while doing a long term project.  Once started with my 'dear diary' journal of experiencing 'The Golden Years', I was sitting at the computer nice and early each morning, who can sleep in the throws of #8?  I had my coffee at my side and have been trying to put this experience in order while it is happening, or close enough that I still remember just what went on and just how I felt.

Today, it is getting close to lunch time and I have been looking for just anything, checking email, facebook, making some lists for hubby, paying a few keep from sitting and getting today's entry down.  OK, must focus.

The cervical MRI was on line and would have been funny if it were not about a real persons neck.  For it started out with the first, I am not going to do the C1, C2,C3 thing, I am just going to talk people talk, few vertebra, not so good.  The next few, a little worse than the first, the next few really ugly, you get the gist.  I was tempted not to read the rest, I was understanding how this was going   And, before I could digest the results, I am answering the phone from my doctor's office suggesting an injection that could relieve some of the pain and even give, the nerves being damaged, a little relief.  I will be mailed a booklet about this injection.

Would this make it easier to use my fingers again, could I pinch well enough to not have everything I touch, fall on the floor, could I do some hand stitching again without the use of the pliers to pull the needle thru each stitch, would I be able to turn my head to the right or left without sending the tingles down one arm or the other ???????    

Wait!!!!!!!!!!  I went to pain management because I can no longer walk, sit or lay down for any length of time for the pain from my waist to just below my knee.  I loved the fast response, but, would this injection give me the ability to walk?   What was the most important, or maybe, why don't we start with the worst offense to every day living and work our way to next.  Kind of like peeling the layers of an onion, start with #8 to 10 and working our way to the #5 to 8 and so on?

I was torn between the speed of handling the problems she saw with the first result available, and the disappointment of having no results or solution for the worst of the problems.   

I have mixed emotions about weekends.  Even before retirement, when would the children cry thru the night holding an ear or tummy or when would be a good time to break or sprain something, or run a fever without a clue why??  It would have to be Friday night, right?  How do you get from Saturday to Monday to get them to a doctor, without the dreaded trip to the emergency room??  When do you get the note from the teacher about Johnny's naughty behavior?  Before online banking, when did you get the letter about the math mistake you made and you are short $2 of the amount needed for your last check you wrote, to clear, ??? Friday, always Friday, that gives you the weekend to stew over what ever the problem is and not being able to do a thing about it till Monday.

This was my dilemma, cervical was on line and call from doctor had been recieved, but what I was really waiting for was not available and guess what day that was??  Friday!  You know there will be no hope for any swift solution for walking !!! till at least after the weekend.

We have come to the, up to date post, dear diary, and I will just be on watch, with my phone by my side till the next post. I believe I will try to do some craft projects, to keep my mind and hands busy till I have more to add to this journey....

Wishing health and happiness

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