Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Heart Post

This has been a difficult few months.  After a wonderful 90th birthday for Mom and another fun time with Flossie and Mr Wonderful, at The Villages, Fl, you turn around and it is holiday time.

Hubby's, 93 year old, Mother was not up to par, Thanksgiving, but she is not a complainer.  So, we all dug in for Christmas celebration.  If you follow, you know I make the 12 grandchildren an ornament every year.  For years the ornament got tossed to their parents so they could dig into the homemade candies, cookies, and hot chocolate mixes, pretzel rods with molded chocolate tops and a bit of $$'s at the bottom.  

I am now happy to report that some of the 12 are just now starting to enjoy the ornaments, 2 now have their own trees!!  And, are using the neatly tucked away boxes of  'gram's ornaments' to start their trees. 

This year, I crocheted snowflakes from twine and then dipped them in a glue/water bath and pinned them down to dry.  Just as they were very tacky, I sprinkled glitter on them and just had to hot glue a little bling on them: 

The hardest part was the pinning and making sure the pins were
made of material that would not rust.                                         

   We have also had some hard times at the end of 2014.  My dear     mother in law had been having much difficulty breathing at the slightest amount of activity and right after Christmas her doctor hospitalized her.  That turned out to be a blessing, for she need 3 stents and 48 hours later a valve replacement.  From beginning to end, she was in the hospital just short of 3 weeks.  Now for the miraculous part, she went home with one of her daughters and had occupational therapy for less than 2 weeks and was ready (at 93) to return to her own home!!!!  She is one happy lady.  Here with her babies, hubby is the ugly red Christmas tie, guy ;)                          

You would think this would be enough, but when this family gets started we do it up right.  Two weeks ago at a hockey game, one of my nephews passed the puck back to his Dad and the puck went right by him as he dropped to the ice.  My baby sister's husband of  38 years at age 52 had a massive heart attack.  His son skated to the bench and grabbed his phone, calling 911, one of the goalies had CPR training and started it right away and a young lady worker for the rink also trained and with a portable defibrillator kept bringing him back till the ambulance got there and had to continue the shocking 3 more times before they reached the ER.  Once in the hospital, and thru an artery, two stents were placed and he was then kept in a coma for 48 hours till he was approved for a :

“Impella CP” heart pump  

This is a relatively new procedure that doesn't require cracking the chest open.  Within 5 days from the heart attack he was home!!!!  Yes I can see all of you out there, who had their chest cracked open and a part of a vein from your leg to create a bypass to the blocked artery, wishing you were as blessed as this guy, surrounded by his children:



Now we are all ready to have a completely uneventful rest of 2015, as Ernie Ford would say 'Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!'

Next time I promise to have a few pictures of some of the things I have been working on....teaser with thanks to thefrugalcrafter on YouTube: 

May this find you all healthy and happy,                                              
Barb aka Tilly