Wednesday, October 7, 2015


As bad as the cervical MRI results were the lumbar MRI results are worse.  I am not doing a happy dance.  It's no wonder I am 2 inches shorter than my first 60 years!!

Years ago I had the worst experience of my life with a pain management doctor and an injection to 'help' with back and leg pain.  Picture taking a bundle of inflamed nerves, sticking a needle into the bundle and continuing, for what seemed like 15 minutes, to inject who knows what.  There was a pain killer given before the procedure, it was done with radiology guidance , it was done by a doctor who had a good reputation.   I prayed to pass out, didn't happen, but I prayed!

Well, yep, that's what is suggested for both the neck and low back.  Now, I know 10 to 15 years in medicine is like cave man to astronaut, but, everything I have read sounds just like what I went thru before and I don't mind saying, I am close to panic.

Now I weighed not being able to walk and constant escalation pain #'s and the chance that things have changed enough that there will not be a repeat of that horror from years past. Everyone I have talked to, is encouraging me to give it a try, so when I got the call this morning, giving me the scathing report and the doctor's suggestion for a chance for some freedom from pain, I put on my 'big girl panties' and said yes.  

The only regret is that I can't have both injections, cervical and lumbar, at the same time.  They will only do one at a time, I can, in 2 days, have the second one done, but not both on the same day.  Which to choose?  The burning in the neck and loss of function and depending how I hold my neck, having one or the other arm start to get pins and needles or walking?  Didn't take me 10 seconds to pick the low back first.

I won't be writing again, dear diary, till after the 13th, when I get the first shot.  I will just be hiding under the covers and wishing for a miraculous healing.  Short of that, I don't want to look back and  relive the mind numbing fear of the next few days.  Yeah for the 'Golden Years'....

Wishing health and happiness

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