Friday, September 12, 2014

MOM IS 90!!!

 Poor dear, can't even have her 90th birthday just for herself. Hubby turned 70 and it is so hard to gather the whole family together that we catch as catch can.  So I thought I would do this in pink, just for her.  

Hubby and Mom

We really had the majority of the family able to make her little dinner at a local restaurant.  One of the granddaughters drove in from the other side of the state only to have to drive back for work in the morning.  I love my family!
We all pitched in and made her a $$ cake.  She really liked it and has just now started taking the money off to buy herself a treat.  Silly lady, she didn't want to spoil the cake.

We did get a yummy real cake and we all ate and spent some wonderful time together.  We even had a few notes and poems from non-local friends and family for Mom to keep.  You must know my Mother does not go around with a tiara on her head and my hubby does not usually wear a blinking bow tie, just an FYI ;)

Baby Sis and spouse, hubby and me

Almost the whole grand and great grand putting a big smile on Mom's face!!

I believe it was a fine fine day when you can sing happy 90th birthday to your Mother!!!

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, Barb aka Tilly