Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Need to start by saying I heard from a sweet crafter friend, Auntie Bernie sending lovely well wishes.  If you are so inclined to watch a very talented lady, stop by YouTube and visit Auntie Bernie, it will not be a waste of your time ;)

Now for today's question.  Do you ever just wonder if you are taken seriously when you speak to any doctor?  I am now over 24 hours from my last injection.  A lumbar selective nerve root injection.  With this one, I will have to admit, it didn't hurt as bad as the hip injection 3 weeks ago, but I was still 'white knuckling' that table, just in anticipation.  She went in just above an old fusion I had years ago.

The reason for my question, was a comment she made as she was coming close to her target area.  She said, 'Oh, I see why you have such pain, you have a very bad back and I was really finding it hard to get any space for the injection, with the compression and all the bone spurs'.  She went on to inject and then explain that she was able to let it run down one of the spurs and the medication drained from the spur into the nerve root she was aiming for.  She said we were both lucky it was that easy, you better believe I was a happy camper, but don't know how excited I will be if she feels another will be needed.  What happens if we are not lucky the next time, Oh my!!  I don't want to know.

I almost had to giggle, wondering if all our doctors just take what we say with a grain of salt till they have proof.  That would be x-rays, lab work, or seeing for themselves.  Are there that many patients that present themselves with wild stories of dis-ease, just to get attention, have a place to go for the afternoon?  Surly not for the darling outfits where your fanny hangs out, or for a little rest on the cement x-ray tables (at least they feel like they are cement) or the vampire with the needle waiting to hit some vein or another to 'drain your blood' into the cute little vile.  

Why, oh, why don't they just believe us, or at least not sound surprised when they discover real problems for real pain and dis-ease??  Now, I know she made that statement to let me know there was a real reason for my allowing a needle to be poked into my spine, and that she was a bit surprised it was as difficult as it was to even give the injection.  I did appreciate her statement, as I prayed that it really works, it doesn't always and I will not really know how much relief I will get for another 7 to 10 days, for that is how long it takes for the full effect.

My next adventure is to get an x-ray of my left knee, which is useless right now, I had to ditch the cane and am now on a walker, for the dumb knee is such a pain and also my left shoulder, which seems to come out of place and I have to use my right arm to guide my left arm back into place.  This poor woman is going to be so tired of me before this is over.  And, the best part is that I am well aware that all this is just a cover up and not a fix, so I can look forward to all this fun at least once a year if not all 3 allowed in one year.  One of the few reasons I am happy to be in my 70's, how many years will I have left :)

Am also happy hubby is home from his fishing trip, for this weekend is our biggest craft fair of the year, and I really am not up to doing this one on my own.  Will have fair fun to write about my next post, much to my delight and I am sure if you have been suffering my baby blubbering over 'poor me', you will be too!

Hope this find everyone happy and healthy 

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