Monday, November 2, 2015


It has been a while and I may be close to being able to explain each area of pain and give it a # for my appointment tomorrow.  Did you see the little shiver that just ran thru me???

I am still not ready for this treatment, just can't get the original injection, years ago, to leave my memory bank. The few zaps I got with the hip injection brought back anything I was able to bury, rats!!!

This really is like an onion, as the pain eases in one area, I notice the nagging pains that the one 'holy cow' pain was covering.  Like, Oh, hi! I remember you from a year or so ago, didn't know you were still there, was so busy with the cover-up.  So, as delighted as I am that the #8/10 is gone, I am dealing with the uncovered #6/7.

To change the subject, I broke even, plus a little, on my first little church craft fair and am praying over this shot tomorrow, for we have a much bigger, 2 day fair this coming weekend.  I had plenty of items in stock, so haven't had to make a thing this year.  I am keeping busy with a new quilt.  The one I showed you the 1st of October, I was silly enough to post on my Facebook page and my sister-in-law wanted to know if I would tackle some counted cross stitch squares she had started when her first child, my beautiful Goddaughter, was a little girl.  Now, mind you she is grown, married and the mother of 2 little ones of her own.  The oldest, being a daughter, just helped my SIL finish the last block, how could I refuse.  

I am going down to continue working on it when I finish here, will get a picture and attach here and will try to remember to take a picture when I am finished.  Am also working on a bakers apron for a lady chocolatier I met at the last fair.  She will be doing a very big wedding show in downtown St Louis, in January and wanted to know if I could make her a white one with her company name embroidered on the front.  Again, how could I say no???

All this and the Christmas cards are only half done and haven't even started on the children's gifts or the grandchildren's ornaments yet.   IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT AM I DOING??????????  I am ending,

Hoping you are enjoying happiness and good health  

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  1. Sending prayers to you my friend.. Hope all is well..