Thursday, March 20, 2014


I am finding that I put my life in compartments.  My work (tongue in cheek) is creating.  That goes on down in 'God Bless My Mess' aka my crafting and stitching room.  My computer fun and work goes on in the great room (first floor consists of kitchen and great room and 1/2 bath).  My sleeping goes on, of course, upstairs in the bedroom.

My YouTube compartment is almost 99% crafters, my blog compartment is almost 99% personal sharing of life type bloggers.  My social life is almost 99% family.

I will have to ponder this, and see if I need to shake this up a bit, or just be content that I am happy this way.

I need to, rein in, my YouTube compartment, for it is starting to overwhelm my work, blogging and social life.  Will have to ponder this ;)

I gave myself permission, just this week, to add a few blogs to follow and have found an oldie and a brand new one I would like to follow.  Some of my crafty friends will recognize Natasha Hensel's      I enjoy her vlogs, feeding her chickens and hearing how her day is going and what she has chosen to prepare for dinner.  She is a good cook.  She is my oldie.  Just yesterday, I met a young woman, by chance, (if you believe in chance) and find out she is an Author, Speaker, Teen Life Coach and Blogger at  I have only had the time to go thru her February and March 2014 posts, but I believe I will enjoy going back in time to read more, while going forward on any of her new blogging.  And, to always leave a comment, so fellow bloggers know I have stopped for a peek!!!!!

For now, I need to go to my work compartment ;)  And, will leave you with a few things I have made and the hope that this post will find you all happy and healthy,

Barb aka Tilly
PS  don't be afraid to sign up to follow me, you can always just delete the notice that I have done something, if you don't want to spend time with me that day ::))  (that is a double smiley face)

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  1. Hey you... you inspired me to actually write on my blog... if you want to see it :
    I love the friendship page you made. Of course, I love all the things you make. You have such wonderful ideas!
    hugs, kimmer