Thursday, March 27, 2014


My last post was seen by my friend and fellow crafter Kimmer, that would be MommaRock at  We could be almost the same person, hahaha,  When she looked at the compartments of her life she knew she needed to make some changes.  As I read, I knew that would be very important to my quality of life as well.  So rather than just ponder, I took action, inspired by Kimmer. 

I stayed up a little later than normal and went thru my YouTube list.  I was over whelmed each day with 100 emails in my mail, most all YouTube friends and acquaintances.  As I tackled my list ( that looked like I would be doing an overnighter back from my school days) it started moving a little faster than I imagined.   

I changed many to 'show only in feed' I found many that I needed to remove, those that had not had a video in over a year.  And, I still may fiddle with a few more.  Late in the evening, I don't function as well as early morning.

I consider each that I receive, Kimmer has vowed not to watch 'haul' videos and for the most part, that will be my vow also.   And, though I love to learn, there are things I am not likely to try, so I have given myself permission to just pass on those, also.  We all love just a word or two when we publish a video, and in my beginning stage with few subscribers that was an easy task.  However, now my list of those I am subscribed to, is so long that to comment on all would be a full time job, so I have now given myself permission to, at times, just give a thumbs up and be off to the next.

In the past few days, I have had the time to do some projects of my own, view some videos, read some blog entries by friends and I have even started a grand mystery on my Kindle :)

I believe I am going to like this new improved compartment.  As the weather improves and the pool calls to me, I may make a few summer tweeks ;)

I will leave you now with a few things I have worked on.  Hoping this post finds you happy and healthy, here thy are:

One on the right is the one she will wear, on the left is the one the groom will throw.  Granddaughter wants to keep the one she will wear ;)

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  1. Oh Tilly... ow darn sweet of you to mention me. I am overwhelmed too by my emails from YouTube. So, I did some cutting. Sorry to say, I had to cut some that I have visited from time to time. But now, I will be able to choose when I visit them.
    You know... I have this program called "Pocket" - it is a chrome extension. I love it cause if I want to , or don't have time at the moment, I can place the webpage into the Pocket for viewing later. Then when I go into the Pocket cue, I sometimes realize, that something I saved to view later is just something I really don't need to view. This way, I can eliminate things easily cause I don't feel so bad and I didn't waste the time in the first place viewing it. ALSO... if there is something I really do want to view, I have it saved for a better time (on my terms of time to watch it). I hope that was easy to follow.
    Oh gosh.... seeing your lovely garter pics makes me realize I have to get on the ball. I am making the guest book now. :)
    Bless you dear friend. See ya round the net!