Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have started the new year, getting a head start.  You say this is totally against my degree in procrastination.  You are correct, however, this is just the first week ;)

I have, while the youngest grandchildren are with daddy, started crafting right after I get my mug of coffee.  I have committed to 2 swaps with a craft club, Creating The Crafty Life, I joined just before the holidays.  It is a friendly, comfortable place and suits me just fine.  You can do as much or as little as you can handle at any time, and is full of members that have so much to offer.  They are all over the place, newby's to real artist's, and everything in between.

The ones I chose this month were a vintage tag and a romantic recipe card.   I have even done the youtube videos for both, but since the swaps won't be over till the end of the month, I am not posting the videos till closer to February.  Don't want to give too much away before my swap buddies get theirs in the mail.   Photos of projects:


tag back

Recipe cards

I hope your new year has started off well and that it just gets better and better, as we count the things to be thankful for each day.
Pray this finds you all healthy and happy with love

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