Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tilly here, and am having a hard time picking up the little scraps of Christmas wrapping paper off the floor and realizing January is over.  Officially, we are into the new year, this can't be, I still have indigestion from the rich Christmas food.  (NO don't send Jamie Lee Curtis)

I did get my 2013 calender finish and on the wall above my desk.

making the pockets at the bottom was fun!

Wish I could have gotten a little closer, but photography is not yet
on my to do list. 
We have done a little rearranging in the great room. It is called that because we have 2 rooms downstairs, the kitchen and a big room, that serves as everything else, ergo, the great room. We had a large entertainment center (heavy) courtesy of or son, 2 wing chairs courtesy of my Mom with an end table between. A sleeper sofa, the property of Flossie, when she is in town, and a captains chair. There is also, in 1/3 of the room, a dinning room table and chairs, courtesy of my Mom, a armoire (heavy) for our computer and a jelly cupboard for our good dishes.
This is a lot of furniture for a relatively small space. The solution, down size. We took this:
and gave it to Salvation Army and replaced it with this:

We sold this:
And replaced it with this:
We moved the jelly cupboard where the computer armoire was so it looks like this:
And now the whole room tilts to the right ;)  We will get it right in time, but with the smaller pieces, it does seem like
we have more space.


This is just the beginning of the story, tomorrow I will tell
the 'rest of the story'




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