Monday, November 5, 2012


This was our first 2 day show.  My goodness there is so much to learn, and I just can't use the 'old dog, new tricks' phrase enough.

Learning the ins and outs of craft shows, how to set up and how to attract those shopping, to stop and look.  The displays, some crafters have set up, rival the window dressers in New York.  They have used as much imagination and artistic talent as they used in their craft.

The work of these gentlemen and ladies display just keep me driven to do better work of my own.  The lady behind us makes stuffed animals out of real fur coats from Grandma's attic or Great Aunt Jane's old trunk.  She refashions them to something beautiful, gets them out of the attic or trunk and gives them new life.

A very popular booth was the woman who makes American Doll outfits.  Any of you who attempt to sew can appreciate the tiny stitching it takes to put together an outfit that is so little.  I have a difficult time with zippers in a normal outfit or stitching delicate fabric that likes to slip and slide as you sew, she is doing this in miniature.  And the beautiful fabrics and bling on each outfit, had little girls eyes just sparkling, as they went thru the tiny racks.

We had a writer next to us and there was another an aisle over, with their books proudly displayed.  Who says no one reads real books anymore? 

A gentleman with his hand crafted leather belts, each a piece of art and another with his welded metal art, well I can only say, it is worth the walk just to view the art.

I know many 'poo poo' the 'crafts', but I see it as a traveling art gallery, the writing, painting, sculpting, photography, jewelry design and handwork, can be the work of granny doing her tissue box cover to Grandma Moses doing work that will be enjoyed, by a great many, all over the world.

I must, now, get started on Christmas gifts, we were thinking of trying to squeeze in one more show, but it is much more important to me to have things ready for children and grandchildren and there is a lot of work for this old elf to finish in a month.

As always, I hope this finds you all happy and healthy,

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