Saturday, October 6, 2012

Am in the throws of the craft show season.  One finished and 3 to go!  We hope to build to several more, but we JUMP into nothing, at our age.  We kind of MOSEY into things.

Now you just know if we were younger we would be so all over this thing, we would have our schedule so full, we would meet ourselves coming and going, NOT.  We were never that driven 40 years ago and we have not changed.  We wonder why we are not millionaire by now, Ha ha ha.

I have to tell you about this wonderful world of YouTube, I never knew existed for 'old folks'.  One of our 'genius' grandsons introduced me to the YT and from there I would notice my crafty friends having videos and Wham I was hooked.

It is very much like having cyber craft buddies, they are always posting, teaching, sharing and caring for each other like your best next door neighbor.  You can even relax in the evening with a glass of wine and a video friend, or have an early cup of coffee, with another cyber friend, either showing their shopping hauls, sharing their swap art or teaching you a new technique.  It is a wonderful world, that till this year, I never new existed.

From my craft buddies, I expanded to the learning part of my new find.  May I tell you, I found a wonderful tutorial of a triple crochet, I had let slip from my pea brain, how to stop my toilet from leaking water thru the flapper, how to fix the delay flush, how to use my embroidery machine, how to set a craft cutting machine for different type papers and fabric, what type needle needed for every fabric in the universe, how to pick leathers, how to care for my roses, what to use for weather proofing our deck and how to fold egg whites so not to deflate.  And these are just the tip of the YT. 
I have managed to do a little work:   Posting projects for anyone to put together and decorate as they choose.


That I have added to my Zibbet Store and am working on another project that is not ready yet, but will be soon.  
I am having fun with all this and hope the things I have will help others have fun also.  Guess I had better finish gabbing with you all and get to work ;)
Hoping this finds you all happy and healthy and GO CARD!!  oops, just had to slip that in, being a part of St Louis MO USA 'Cardnial Nation'

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