Saturday, October 19, 2013


Our last outside show is over ;)  You remember the last show it got to 98 degrees, well this one we set up on a cold, wet 36 degree morning.  As the day went on, close to noon, it warmed up to the high 50's and the sun felt wonderful.  However, those 4 hours were enough to send me to the Advil this evening. 
I know you keep hearing me refer to the 'Golden Years' being a myth, this is true.  The cold got into these old bones and found a home.  I believe some Advil and some warm blankets tonight may be a least for today.
Hubby is happy the show is over, for he has a fishing trip to prepare for.  A week of man against fish, is, for him, nirvana.
And, a week on my own is my nirvana, hahaha
I haven't told you about my blessing, yes, I have been blessed with a new, used Viking Topaz sewing/embroidery machine.  I have had it for a week, but the prep work for a show and the fact that the machine scares the bejabbers out of me has kept me from touching it.  There is a huge learning curve and I had better catch on quickly, for we sold many embroidered flour sack kitchen towels and I will need more before the next show.  I believe this machine will even cook breakfast and make the beds, if I learn the right commands.  It is the learning that is the problem.  And, I may have as many lessons as I want, but I have to lug the 200 pound machine into JoAnns for each lesson.  A great way to discourage learning!!  But, I am determined and so a lugging I will go.

   I can't believe this is really mine, but most of this week I have been just looking at it, afraid if I touch it, for fear I will break something.  And, no, I will not be doing the bird anytime in the near future.  I will have to learn how to transfer my patterns from .pes format to .vl2 (if you don't understand that last part, not to worry :)  This is supposed to be easy, for my machine, to take one pattern format and transfer it into another compatible format.  I hate when they say that. 
I do have some cute patterns, both red work and applique, that I would like to transfer to the new machine format, so I will be praying over the machine and take my long list of questions to my first class.
I have told you about my cold, old bones and my blessing, so I will be off to search the blanket box for a comfy blanket and get a little rest tonight. A full report on class time to follow ;)
Hope this finds you all happy and healthy,

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