Saturday, March 2, 2013


What can make you happy when your eye doctor says you have cataracts.  Yes, the left eye is ready for surgery right now, the right maybe a few months more.  And, you, legally, shouldn't be driving, you can't see well enough.

Come to find out, this surgery is very easy now.  You go in, they put you to sleep, do the deed and off you go.  You can't drive yourself home, but you can drive the next day.  And, not a stitch is needed.

I, with my new prescription, will be legal to drive, so I am going to put it off till the little grandchildren are out of school, with their daddy off for the summer to care for them.  The doctor says there is a good chance by that time, the right eye could also be ready.

I know this is not earth shaking news to anyone but me ;)  I see it as just one step closer to death.  I was sure only old people got cataracts.  I am doing my best not to think of myself as old, but each time I turn around I get another 'old folks problem'.  Shingles, remember them from last year?  Knee replacement, without having played a single game of football in my life.  Arthritis, degenerative disc disease, a full beard and eye sight so bad I can't see where to apply the Nair!!

Not being over joyed with any of this, the good Lord, timed it so I got boxes of goodies to keep my mind off my bad news.  A huge box of junk jewelry on Ebay, I got for $6.  Yep, I put in a bit of $6.01 as my max and I got it for 6.  Most all boxes that large are selling for $40 to $60, (I have been watching close for a few months).  So, I put my silly bid in on several different lots and forgot about them, knowing I would not have a chance.  Bingo, go one.  Needless to say every craft project I do for a year will have a beaded stick pin on it ;)  Next, comes a box of papers and goodies I had pre-ordered a month (at least) ago.  It is so pretty, I have more things planned to make than I have paper for!!! 

I know every crafter is headlong into steampunk, but I am still back in the vintage and country, I just love it!

Take a look at all I got, and forgive that I was totally out of my mind and very tired when I made this....ergo, keep your giggling to yourself!

Hope this finds you happy and healthy!!

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